Our Mission

The Julian Community Heritage Foundation (JCHF) was founded to preserve the history of the community of Julian and to promote the quality of life of persons of all ages living, working, and visiting this community. Read more about our mission and on-going efforts HERE

Town Square Project

The Julian Community Heritage Foundation has been actively working on a new initiative for the development of the corner lot on Main St. and Washington St. Our vision is the creation of a Julian town square and would serve as a community park & outdoor amphitheater. Julian town square will be an epicenter of art, theater and community gatherings.

Get Involved

You can help by contributing to our pledge-drive and sharing this information. This community driven project has been years in the making and various individuals, as well as organizations have been working very hard on making it a reality for our community. Anything you can pledge would be greatly appreciated. DONATE NOW...


This is your opportunity to forever be part of a community project that will last into the ages. Visit our GoFund Me page to donate now.

Donations of $300 or more will have a dedicated name plaque on our donor wall at the town square site.

You can also donate via mail. Send your checks to:

PO Box 1432 - Julian, CA 92036.

Make check out to Community Action, Service and Advocacy (CASA). Please write Julian Town Square Project on check memo.


$600,000 GOAL

$100K received from NRP grant

$50K pledged by Bob Schultz & Mike Peckham

More than 100 other individuals & organizations pledged

Why a Town Square?

A town square is usually found in the heart of a community & is an epicenter for gatherings & community events such as open markets, music concerts, theater and the arts. It's a centrally located town space for people to gather.

The corner lot on Julian Main Street and Washington is the perfect location for the establishment of a a town square for Julian. We believe it is the most forward thinking development strategy for the empty lot, wish will benefit our community and enhance our town. 

With your donations and support, we look forward to transforming the "corner lot" into our very own Julian Town Square park.

For far too many years now, the corner lot on Main St. and Washington St. has remained a barren & empty space.  Our community has watched the years pass by while this beautiful & strategically located property remains unused. We believe it's time to change that and we need your help to make it happen.

The Julian Community Heritage Foundation has introduced a new initiative for a community park & outdoor amphitheater.

A town square will help enhance & beautify Main Street. It will also help enhance our historical appeal & provide a public space for people to gather. We'll use the space for farmers market/art & gift fairs,  open air performances - music & theater & other community events. We look forward to transforming this empty lot into a beautiful community space that will benefit us all.

Much has been accomplished since we first announced the town square project earlier this year:

- Chevron donated $10,000 seed money.

- Preliminary lot designs have been approved in concept by both the Planning Group & ARB.

- Supervisor Diane Jacobs provided $100K in county NRP grant funds (Neighborhood Reinvestment Program).

- Local development owners, Bob Schultz and Mike Peckham are negotiating the purchase of the lot and pledged $50K

- Over 100 individuals & organizations also pledged for a total of over $190K pledged so far in less than a year. DONATE NOW


All donors, no matter what the amount will be recognized on our web-site donor page. Other donation options include a tree plaque, bench plaque & a prominently displayed plaque on the water tower. Your donations will be going towards the purchase of the lot, as well as developments costs for the proposed town square design. Below are all of the available donation tiers and corresponding accolades:


Name Plaque


Tree Plaque


Bench Plaque


Tower Plaque



We put together an illustrated time-line depicting the property history dating back to 1910.


The Julian Community Heritage Foundation started as a volunteer effort towards creating a Town Square for our historic town of Julian. It has been in the works for many years now. Various individuals and organizations have already contributed to the project and our collective efforts have so far raised well over $190,000. We have presented the plans to Dianne Jacob, our San Diego County Board of Supervisors Representative, and she is also supporting the project. We are working with the Architectural Review Board to ensure we are in compliance with historic district building guidelines.

Our immediate goal is to raise the necessary funds to purchase the vacant lot. Read More...


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Dedicated to Julian, its citizens and visitors - Julian Community Heritage Foundation

Our story

The Julian Community Heritage Foundation is dedicated to the citizens of our beautiful county & we're committed to the betterment of our community. Our motivations are to serve America's finest city & ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Jean Duffy JCHF President
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